1" x 1"ARMOR SHIELD VCI Fiberboard Chips

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Brand: NFC Bags

1 x 1 ARMOR SHIELD VCI Fiberboard Chips Packed in CS of 2500; Weight: 2

ARMOR SHIELD® CF33 Corrosion Inhibiting
Emitter, foam pads, chips
and the VCI Bubble Wrap
are embedded with ARMOR
VCI formulation and provides
product separation, buffing
barrier as well as rust
protection Offers convenience
and corrosion protection with


When paper or poly can’t
be used (i.e., electrical
cabinets), stocked 10”x 10”
squares can be used as

Shelf Life

Approximately 3 years when properly stored.


Store at temperatures less than 120 degrees F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.

Performance Specifications

Most VCI bags will cite conformance to MIL-B-22019C and MIL-B-22020D for type I (heat-sealable)
corrosion inhibitor bags. These specs, reference material, construc*on and performance standards,

including the American Society for Tes*ng and Materials (ASTM) methods for corrosion inhibi*on

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