Biodegradable T Shirt Bag Qty 500

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Film Type: Biodegradable

For a tough and durable plastic bag, choose this biodegradable t-shirt bag. With the same heat / cold tolerance and shelf life as traditional plastic bags, this environmentally-friendly option provides the same convenience without the wastefulness and damaging carbon footprint. Our standard plastic t-shirt bags are the perfect option for environmentally friendly businesses. The perfect choice for any grocery store, food truck, gas station, or other establishment that wants to reduce their environmental impact. Made in USA from high density polyethylene plastic, these t-shirt bags are tough and durable to stand up to heavy loads. Like regular t-shirt bags, their 1/6 size makes them ideal for carrying groceries. They come with dual handles, making them perfect for grocery stores, delis, take-out restaurants, and more! Biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable, these bags feature an attractive green color with leafy designs printed on the outside to emphasize their eco-friendly construction. There are 500 bags per case.

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