We want to talk about shipping. Let’s start with a chalkboard and a few facts. Everyone and their toddler has a smartphone or mobile device available these days. Amazingly though, mobile shopping is still pretty new. Mobile shopping has actually doubled in volume since 2013, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Over half of Americans now prefer online shopping. Retail e-commerce sales worldwide are predicted to nearly double from 2016 to 2020.

As online shopping evolves, third party order fulfillment companies are popping up left and right. Their whole business model centers around packaging and shipping. You can bet your cowboy boots they’re capitalizing on cheaper and lighter shipping methods. This burgeoning industry of logistic fulfillment companies are a new type of end user—not big retail behemoths, but agile consumer companies. They’re specializing in stocking and shipping product and managing returns with speed and accuracy. Interestingly, they’re leaving boxes behind. Sure, big boxes still have their place. But as online shopping keeps growing, smaller and lightweight orders are increasingly going into Poly Mailers. And why not? Poly Mailers are cheaper and more secure, and they’re easily branded with logos and company names. It’s a whole new mail and ship world. And NFC Bags is right in the thick of it with bigger, better than ever Mail + Ship inventory options.

NFC Bags stocks and sources the universe of Poly Mailers. An unlimited array of custom sizes, printed and plain, is just a click away. Want to get some custom printed mailer? we’ve got you covered. Fill in this form for a Quick quote! All Poly Mailers are made with a co-extruded blend of LDPE & LLDPE, and stock is white on the outside and silver on the inside for opacity. After that, you’ve got all types represented: standard non-perforated, perforated, returnable and expandable mailers with gusseted bottoms.

Sea changes in shopping mean shipping will never be the same. And NFC Bags is leading the charge. As America’s most comprehensive source for poly mailers, packing list envelopes, postal approved lip and tape bags, NFC Bags is becoming the place for Mail and Ship.

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