Flat Poly Bags

Made of 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin, which meets all USDA and FDA requirements for food contact. We offer over 1,000 sizes of flat poly bags in stock and same-day shipping! If you are new to our industry, you may not know exactly what a poly bag is or what kind of bag you need for your application. What does “mil” mean? How are these bags measured?

Lay flat bags are available in a variety of thicknesses (mil) with unique uses and advantages ranging from 1 mil to 6 mil. The mil refers to the gauge or thickness of the poly bag. For instance, a 1 mil bag is fine for packing a sandwich for lunch, while a 6 mil bag will contain sharp objects like nails or jagged rocks.

Poly bags sizes are formatted width first and length second for example 8" wide x 10" long. The sizes are from side to side and have a bottom seal. Also, they are open at the top, which can be sealed by a twist tie, rubber band, bag tape or by heat sealing.

Now you're ready to choose your bag thickness (mil) below. Go to the different "mil" sections for further description.