PE Side Gusset Bags

A poly Gusset Bag has sides or a bottom that allow you to package thicker or bulkier, larger items by having extra material on the sides or bottom that expand. Gusseted bags are excellent for displaying multiple-piece products. There are four common styles of gusset bags:

  • Flat Bottom or FB Gusset Bags can be clear with a flat bottom and are very often shaped like a brown paper lunch bag.
  • Heavy Duty or HD side gusset poly bags have an area in the back of the bag where the seal is and they are made from a thicker mil poly, which therefore makes them much more durable or stronger.
  • Standard Poly or GB Gusset Bags are very often clear and almost always have no back or side seams. A common example is seen in standard garbage bags.
  • Bottom Gusset or BG Bags work great for being placed in a container or basket.