Post Consumer Recycled

The good (and admittedly bad) thing about plastic polymers is that they’re tough and durable, and seemingly never biodegrade. When it comes to Post consumer recycled content, this works in plastic’s favor. It actually takes less energy and resources to sort and recycle post-consumer plastic than to polymerize new. This makes 25% PCR a more sustainable option than virgin plastic. Plus, it keeps this indestructible stuff out of landfills (and out of the ocean).

This is where the material integrity of recycled plastic resin shines. If recycled, the urban tumbleweeds known as plastic bags can have more lives than a cat. PCR can be recycled again and again. And again. And again. And a lot of agains. They’re not the only thing that’s going to save the sea turtles, but they’re a clear step forward.

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