Wicketed Bags

These Wicketed High Clarity Bread Bags are great for storing your baked goods. Great for your deli counter or bakery to easily dispense pastries, bread and sandwiches.

Also Order Custom Sizes!

There’s never been an easier way to price, order and secure custom wicketed bags. We can help you create bags for fresh produce, baguettes and beyond; we can even quote any printing needed all on the same quote.

Wicketed bags have many parts; these are the specs you need to provide to get accurate quotes quickly.

1. Bag Dimensions such as width, length and gauge

2. Bottom Gusset depth if needed

3. Lip Length

4. Bag Release Type, either perforated lip or tear starts

5. Wicket Length of 3” to 6”

6. Wicket Width (space between wickets) 3” to 9”

7. Cardboard Header Type: front, back, both or none

8. Bags Per Wicket from a range of 100-350 bags

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