Vacuum Pouches


  • 9 Layers of Quality
  • Microwaveable, Boilable, and Freezable
  • Meets FDA and SUDA Specifications

Broad Offering

  • National Film Converting's current stock offering ships from five U.S. warehouses and includes 30 of the most popular sizes in the flexible packaging marketplace.

Versatile Functionality for Food

  • These microwaveable, boilable, freezable bags work with “bone in” applications, and meet FDA and USDA specifications. Good for jerky, meats, vegetables and cheeses. Does not work with Foodsaver sealers.


  • 3 mil (75 micron), 9-layer, 20% Nylon, with a Moisture Transmission Rate (MTR) < 4, and an Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) < 5. 1/4-inch sealed lip around the pouch.
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